Mayflower (ship class)

This article refers to the class of space vessel. For other uses, see Mayflower.

The Mayflower-class designation is used to refer to the category of space-faring colony ships most commonly built today. “Most commonly built” is used here as a relative term, of course, because only eight of these immense vessels have ever been constructed. The first, a prototype named Roanoke, was decommissioned shortly after its launch, when technical difficulties caused it to drift uncontrolled into the Asteroid Belt, where it subsequently suffered irreparable damage. A large amount of material from this craft, however, was salvaged for use in building its successor, the FRE-CS/M Cuttyhunk. This ship was successfully used to establish a scientific research colony on Eris and remains in orbit above the dwarf planet to this day. The six other FRE-CS/M’s constructed to date were built specifically for involvement in the Anthropochory Venture, and include Bermuda, Henricus, Jamestown, London, Plymouth, and Popham.

The name “Mayflower” refers to the sailing ship that transported a group of English colonists to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620. Subordinately, the names of each—

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Mayflower (ship class)

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